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Discus Behavior
discus behavior
When you are ready and have all of the essentials installed and working (heaters working, hood lights working, filters in place and working , temperature correct etc) . have your food supply then bring them home and slowly introduce them to their new home.
Floating Method 1.Turn off aquarium lights. 2. Dim the lights in the room where the shipping box will be opened.     Never open the box in bright light - severe stress or trauma may     result from sudden exposure to bright light. 3.Float the sealed bag in the aquarium for 15 minutes (Fig. A).     Never open the shipping bag at this time.     This step allows the water in the shipping bag to adjust slowly to the       temperature in the aquarium, while maintaining a high level of dissolved oxygen. After floating the sealed shipping bag for 15 minutes, cut open the the bag and start adding the aquarium water  a little at a time until the bag is full and then release. Its best to take your time doing this but no longer than an hour, Then be sure to leave any hood lamps off .
The Discus fish is more popularly known in the USA as the pompadour fish and also referred to as the "King of the Aquarium". Discus fish are related to cichlids, but they are preferred by many enthusiasts because:
 As discussed in determining the tank size , most forums on the subject recommend at least 4 and perhaps 6  discus in a species tank because of their love of schooling. In addition the tank location should be in a low traffic area to avoid over-stressing.
They are gentle They don’t attack smaller fish They like socializing with other gentle fish in the tank They are not predators of any popular tank fish They can be mixed with other fish as long as the tank meets the discus fish’s tank requirements 
Because of the gentle nature of discus fish (and no doubt because of its massively appealing appearance), more and more aquarists from around the world are finding this fish irresistible. That said they can be difficult to breed and they do become territorial when they pair off. 
The discus fish is one of the most sensitive fish when it comes to changes in water quality. Even after countless tank-bred generations, the discus fish still demands a higher water quality than other warm-water and tropical ornamental fish. Once the nitrogen cycle is understood and controlled along with the temperature, they are just like any other fish.
Discus fish are fans of wide-open spaces – a big tank is needed if you plan to keep more than a handful. ( See tank sizes)
Discus fish have to be kept away from ultra-active fish, as these will stress the discus. Stressed fish get sick more easily. ( see tank location)