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            Location location location Choosing the right location for our tank is important to the health of the Discus and after we know the size and weight of the tank we have to consider the following: Discus fish do not fare well if their tank is placed in a location where there is a lot of traffic. Hallways and game rooms are definitely not good places for a new tank, because there is just too much activity and discus fish generally prefer quiet, semi-dark areas that mimic their natural habitat so a bedroom would be an ideal location. What happens when discus fish are exposed to high levels of traffic or human activity? They become stressed, and this stress can actually shorten their lifespan. Like humans, stressed fish can become prone to disease.
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Also consider the amount of natural light that will fall on the tank.. sunlight falling directly on the tank will promote the growth of algae so avoid these locations. Consider the location of heating/cooling vents as a stable water temperature is imperative to a healthy aquarium. Your going to have filters, lights and pumps so a location near an electrical outlet is a must if you want to avoid a spaghetti pile of extension cords. Summary correct size  a commercial stand, location has low traffic and is quiet out of direct sunlight, not over a heat duct no drafts has an outlet nearby and we are all set! ( good idea to have a surge protector as well) There is one other consideration : Considering that the total weight of an Aquarium and stand can easily exceed 750 pounds , the location of the tank should also be a load bearing wall.