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This is pretty much a matter of individual choice, as both types of tanks have their advantages. In general, todays acrylic tanks are stronger, resist breaks and leakage, offer better thermal insulation, are clearer, lighter, and  easier to move if need be. Acrylic aquariums  have no sealant or green tint and are brighter than glass tanks The biggest drawback to acrylic is that it can be scratched easily. Special care must be taken in cleaning the tank, using nonabrasive cleaning pads and plastic scrapers .That being said acrylic scratches can be repaired. Acrylic is stronger, lighter, and is safer than glass because it does not shatter. That fact alone makes many parents more comfortable with acrylic tanks in the home. . Glass is less expensive, and it is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but since acrylic can be shaped easily, its available in a greater variety of shapes. Glass tanks are often preferred by many do it your selfers because they like to build their own custom tanks but working with glass requires practice especially when drilling so get your drilling technique down pat on practice pieces before you try on an expensive glass tank.
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Glass verses Acrylic
Acrylic Tanks
Glass Tanks
stronger, resists breaks & leakage easier than glass to drill for bulk heads better thermal insulation clearer (no tint) and brighter lighter in weight easier to move greater variety of shapes
less expensive than acrylic less prone to scratching heaver than acrylic less choice of shapes can be drilled but with care - glass cracks easily sealants are often used usually have a green tint
Biggest drawback
Biggest drawback
They scratch easily
They can shatter - which is a consideration if you have children
Keep in mind that if your planning to purchase a tank online. there are some things to watch out for as we discussed on determining the tank size  
Its highly recommended that you purchase from a local supplier that you trust and can buy spare parts for your kit.