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One of the main things to consider, and get right, is your water temperature. The biggest mistake that any aquarist can make when keeping discus fish is to assume that the general temperature recommendation for warm-water fish is the ideal tank temperature for discus fish. Temperature is so important to discus fish health that it is imperative that you know the exact range that will make your fish healthy. Why does tank temperature matter so much to discus? In addition to enhancing the discus fish’s natural ability to combat tank-borne diseases it effects respiration, digestion and circulation. For healthy Discus fish , keep the temperature in your discus’ tank between 28 – 31 degrees Celsius. The best way to increase the temperature of your species tank or community tank is by using an aquarium heater. Aquarium heaters come in two forms: the rod-type submersible heater, and the slim-type bowl heater.  If you are planning to keep a handful of discus in a large tank, you will need a submersible heater with the appropriate heating power. If you are buying a submersible heater for the first time, make sure that the heater you are purchasing possesses at least some of these features:    Shatter-resistant glass  A built-in thermometer is a plus Easy temperature controls and a dedicated on/off switch  Long power cable  Insulated against the water (waterproofed design)  Utilizes ceramic parts to disperse heat into the water more efficiently  Replaceable & serviceable parts Reflective appearance, so it doesn’t clash with the aesthetics of the tank  Can easily be attached to the side of the tank.  Should be resistant to sudden shock and vibrations  Fish cannot come in contact with the heater Temperature is in Celsius
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In short, your aquarium heater should be durable, accurate, and easy to use. Currently, the highest wattage for commercial tank heaters is 300 watts. Consult you dealer to determine if one is enough to maintain the temperature for your tank location considering the average temperature range for your house , summer and winter.   You will also want to have a tank thermometer that is easy to read . The temperature for the Discus is one of the parameters that has to be maintained and is critical for healthy fish. A submersible stand up glass thermometer is a favorite and ones that have a pH meter built in for Discus would be ideal. Ideally one that has alarm as well to alert you if the tank falls below the ideal 29 degrees C.