The bottom line is that, while the Discus does require that the aquarium be properly set up and careful attention paid to monitoring the temperature and pH/nitrogen cycles……. they are just like any other freshwater fish and if your willing to do the extra work and spend the time maintaining your tank, your new Discus Aquarium will be a welcome addition to your home.
In our mini email course, we touch on some of the most important aspects of Discus Care. In the  downloadable 70 page Ebook               “The Discus Fish Care Handbook”  we teach a time tested system for maintaining a freshwater tank that is perfect for the the discus fish. Its a step by step guide on avoiding the most common mistakes such as the new tank syndrome and much more.   
Where Do I Start ?


We hope that you will find everything you need to know about this most interesting fish.

It has a history that is as colorful as the species is itself.   Be sure to take the Mini course 

…….. its packed with useful information and we are sure you will enjoy it.

How big should a tank be for the Discus How much will it weigh and where should it be located. Should I buy a glass or acrylic tank and what are the pros and cons If I buy it on-line , what should I look out for … What should the water temperature be ideally and a host of other questions…. but…..
At the top of the questions list are the questions about the tank and its setup :
Its also known as : Symphysodon discus  Symphysodon aequifascatata Heckle Discus Pompadour
The best way to start out with your first aquarium is to create a journal notebook for all of the topics -  Facts History and behavior, Discus Types, Aquarium Tanks , Nutritional Guidelines, Dealing with diseases, Compatible tank mates, etc There is a lot of information and you want to have it handy when you don’t have access to the Internet . Questions will arise as you progress and its best to have it all in one place.
If you have an established tank and are looking to add the Discus to it , the location as far as the Discus is concerned as mentioned,  is as important as which fish are compatible with the Discus . See the Tank Mates section.
Its best to start your journal with the History and behavior and get to know the Discus before you dive into the planning stages related to the actual aquarium. Its behavior actually dictates the location of the tank.
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Discus Fish : The Discovery and Royal Connection

There is a reason that the Discus is now known as the King of the Amazon or the Aristocrat of the Aquarium.
Lets start our journey deep in the Amazon Jungle in the year 1817:
In 1817, the Austrian Emperor Franz l, ruling from 1804 to 1835, commissioned a royal expedition team of scientists, painters, researchers and academics to explore Brazil and the mighty Amazon river to celebrate the royal marriage of his daughter (Maria Leopoldina) to the Portuguese crown prince, Dom Pedro of Alcantara .
Line drawing by Kathy Miller
All are derived from the fact that there was a Royal Connection.
However, if we look at the basics of discus fish care, we see that the “extra work” that many aquarists are avoiding are actually ideal practices that will benefit all types of freshwater fish, not just discus.

Mini Course
Discus fish are often unfairly categorized as “difficult fish” and more often than not only recommended for experienced aquarists.